Oneness Disorder is a tool I've conceived whose purpose is to fight for the world. 


Because we are divided by Ideas and Beliefs.


Oneness Disorder - Miquel Manez

Who am I? well, it could be interpreted in many ways, here you have a list:

The user/creator/founder of Oneness Disorder.
A regular human being.
A nerd.
A manifestation of universe experiencing itself.
An artist.
An anarchist.
A joker.
A musician.
A visual artist.
An activist.
A product of nothingness.

I'm Miquel Manez, just a regular human being, born November 19, 1992 in Sueca, a little town located in Valencia (SPAIN).

At the age of 11 I moved to Andorra, a territory ruled by a Bishop and a Prince, located between Spain and France.

Today, I'm in IT by profession and I do whatever I can in my free time.

Life is a combination of certain amount time and energy therefore, I decided  to move and take responsibility.

I created this site as a place where I can share my experience, and hopefully encourage you to do your best too.

Time Runs Out!